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Healing Hands Massage Therapy is a privately owned company, which has been serving the West Georgia area for 14 years. We have had the pleasure of helping many clients in Acute and Chronic Pain, eliminating the pain cycle, recovering mobility, and enjoying a better quality of life. In order to accomplish this goal we first establish a client's history, symptoms, and ROM tests. In a one hour session we treat our clients with several different massage techniques. We ...

Top 15 Health Benefits of Vitamin C

15 Health Benefits of Vitamin C

You all must have studied during your school days that deficiency of Vitamin C is related to skin problems, which is true. But recent and ongoing studies on the role of Vitamin C in maintaining good health gives us more reasons why we should include sources of Vitamin C in our diet. 

1. Helps to treat common cold symptoms:The role of Vitamin ...

Vitamins in Apples

Healing Hands Massage Therapy, Douglasville, GA,  is always assisting our customers with information which will help our clients improve their health and vitality by making smart choices with the kind of foods we eat and the nutrients provided by various fruits and vegetables.  

What Vitamins Are in Apples?

Apples are available in many types and even though all of them contain similar nutritional value they do have their individual characteristic taste and ...

Flash Ease Supplement

January 23, 2015’s Note for today:

Healing Hands Massage Therapy, Douglasville, GA, is offering an assortment of vitamins and supplements for our clients.  We have added a new supplement to our inventory, Flash-Ease Time Released tablets. 

The benefits are:

·  Balances hormone levels

·  Provides glandular system support for women

·  Contains ...

Reflexology Open House

Open House

Have you ever wondered what Reflexology is and what it’s all about? Or how Reflexology is any different from a Foot Massage? Is it safe? Will it hurt? Is there an age limit? Is it expensive? How many sessions would I need? What are the benefits of Reflexology and how can it help me? These are some great questions that most people have whenever they first hear about Reflexology and rightfully so. The concept of Reflexology is that there are reflex areas on ...