Corporate Massage Therapy

A corporate massage program isn't just about pampering your employees. Therapeutic massages help people be healthier, less stressed and more productive. Sit back, relax and feel the benefits.

Improves Employee Productivity

Touch is healing. Employers who offer corporate massage discover that the rewards are both mental and physical, boosting employee health, satisfaction and productivity. In addition to relieving stress, massage has a wealth of benefits: it stimulates blood flow to promote healing, reduces blood pressure, relieves muscle and joint pain, and it can even increase immunity to colds and flu. For 20 years, Healing Hands has been helping employees feel and perform at their best.

Employees who receive massage therapy are:

Employee Wellness Affects the Bottom Line

The benefits of massage extend far beyond the relaxation felt while undergoing a chair massage, table massage or reflexology treatment. Healing Hands Massage is a locally owned business that helps clients feel their best, which means they perform at their best.

Companies find that their employees are more positive and productive after receiving a massage treatment. Massage can be a great marketing tool, too! Offering a chair massage at your trade show booth can generate a lot of attention and goodwill for your company.

Tailored Chair Programs

Healing Hands Massage will work with your company to design a tailored chair massage, table massage or reflexology program.

Your employees will receive the level of touch, treatment and relaxation that best suits their needs and comfort level. Massage can be offered as part of a company's ongoing wellness program or as a special way to reward employees for their hard work.

Feel the benefits!

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