Reflexology Open House

Open House

Have you ever wondered what Reflexology is and what it’s all about? Or how Reflexology is any different from a Foot Massage? Is it safe? Will it hurt? Is there an age limit? Is it expensive? How many sessions would I need? What are the benefits of Reflexology and how can it help me? These are some great questions that most people have whenever they first hear about Reflexology and rightfully so. The concept of Reflexology is that there are reflex areas on your hands and feet which corresponds to all the organs and body systems in your whole body. This might seem a bit strange and unbelievable, that is until you experience Reflexology for yourself. 

On March 25th I am offering a FREE One on One time with you for 20 minutes. The 20 minutes gives you a 10-minute Reflexology session and 10 minutes to answer any questions you might have. 

To receive your FREE one on one session please call the office at 770-489-7999 to reserve your time.