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Healing Hands Massage Therapy is a privately owned company, which has been serving the West Georgia area for 14 years. We have had the pleasure of helping many clients in Acute and Chronic Pain, eliminating the pain cycle, recovering mobility, and enjoying a better quality of life. In order to accomplish this goal we first establish a client's history, symptoms, and ROM tests. In a one hour session we treat our clients with several different massage techniques. We specialize in Sports Massage Therapy, so most of our technique used is for rehabilitation, breaking up scar tissue, and doing Neuromuscular Therapy. Of course all this depends on the individual's pain tolerance and is moderated, we work with the body always. We also have. We also have studies in Myokinesthetic, which relates to the release of the muscles associated with the different nerve roots and effectively releases nerve pain. I have seen outstanding results with maximum 11 sessions.

In being effective, we require that our clients stay committed to a schedule. The body responds best when retraining the muscle memory to have weekly sessions for 4-6 weeks before re-assessing. However, our clients get encouraged about the progress

Made every week. When our clients reach a 7 day period of no pain, we take them out to 10 days between visits and then to 2 weeks. Our goal is a once a month maintenance visit, but some chronic issues require more. We may in period recommend stretches and strengthen exercises for the client to do at home.

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